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Refrigerated & Frozen Storage Specialists

Our cold storage warehousing options offers a range of temperature-controlled environments. Whether you need it refrigerated, frozen, or chilled, we can accommodate the needs of most products’. Our cold storage services are customizable to deliver your product in pristine condition.


At Cold Front Low Temp Storage, we have eight dedicated docks for convenience and over 33,882 square feet of cold storage and up to 45,172 square feet of -20 degree freezer space to meet your needs.

Our team is experienced in efficient cold storage solutions.  We operate to the highest standards on the warehouse floor and in our office to ensure every order is successfully processed.  With 99% order accuracy, we look forward to serving your cold storage needs.

Temperature-sensitive products can be challenging to manage – if correct temperature tolerances are not maintained, products can be damaged or spoiled very easily. We understand that sensitive products need Smart solutions and that’s why we offer cold storage warehousing that can be tailored to meet your specifications.

Whether you are seeking frozen warehousing or refrigerated warehousing, we are here to serve you.

We are just of Hwy 29 making for easy deliveries and pick ups.


At Cold Front Low Temp Storage, we offer short-term rentals, medium term agreements from one to three years, and longer term options from five to ten years for your low temp storage needs.

Contact our representatives today to discuss options or to request a quote.

Cold Storage Handling

Our cold storage and freezer storage environments are constantly monitored for cold chain integrity and maximum cleanliness. Our refrigeration equipment is regularly inspected by contracted professionals, as well as our own daily audit procedures to ensure your product is stored in the best facility possible.

Refrigerated & Freezer Temperature Control

The critical difference between cold storage and frozen storage warehousing is in temperature control. That means rigorous temperature monitoring in each area of our facility to maintain goods at the proper temperatures. Cold Front Storage does this by twice daily physical temperature recording.

The Difference?

Refrigerated storage and freezer storage are two different types of warehousing that are used to store perishable goods at controlled temperatures.

Refrigerated storage, also known as chilled storage, is used to store goods at temperatures between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of warehousing is typically used for goods that need to be kept fresh, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats.

Frozen storage, on the other hand, is used to store goods at temperatures well below freezing, typically between 0 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of warehousing is used for goods that need to be kept hard frozen, such as ice cream, frozen meals, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Contact us today to discuss your refrigerated and frozen storage needs.